deliverer SDK
Live. Everywhere.

We deliver your content in real time from all iOS and Android devices, to multiple popular or custom platforms, simulataniously!

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Live multiplatform stream from your camera or device screen. Stream simultaneously to YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Periscope and any other RTMP/RTSP platform.

Feature 01


either you are having a native iOS and Android codebase or React Native, deliverer can be easily integrated.

Feature 02


stream to as many platforms as you want, in real-time without a third party server.

Feature 03


your data is yours, deliverer does not use any servers nothing is saved on the device.

Feature 04

No configuration

geting live is easier than ever, you just need your RTMP/RTSP URL and you are good to go.

Bandwidth detection

We adjust the framerate of your feeds based on your bandwith so that is you are getting the best quality for your streams both in terms of network usage and stream quality.

Streaming unleashed

You can stream to how many sources you want, your content will go live directly to multiple platforms, so you can reach your entire user base from the same place without manually distributing your content.

As fast as possible

We are using the lastes hardware in your devices to encode and decode your streams, leaving you with processing power for all you other activities on the device, while also saving battery life.


  • iOS and Android support
  • Adaptive bitrate
  • Hardware encoding/decoding
  • 24h response time on your support tickets
  • iOS and Android support
  • Adaptive bitrate
  • Hardware encoding/decoding
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Overlays
  • AR/VR product placement in your streams
  • Live support


  • What platforms do you support out of the box?

    iOS and Android both native (Swift, ObjC, Java, Kotlin) as well as React Native.

  • Can you help us integrate it into our product?

    We offer integration support, and we are happy to help you start using our product.

  • How much can I stream?

    There is no time limit on the streaming, neither on the number of platforms, so basically you can stream as much as you want, where you want.

  • Can I use the libraries in multiple projects?

    The Startup plan restricts the usage of the library to one app only, the Enterprise plan allows you to use it in as many apps as you like.

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